Welcome to the Official Blog of RoshSoft We provide you basic utility software which will help you in your day-to-day computing.

Selling any kind of software under the Copyright of © RoshSoft are prohibited, but you are free to share them among your friends. Please read the Terms and Conditions before using our products and services.

There are some minimum system requirements in order to run software solutions in your computer but they can be different from software to software so read the description carefully before downloading.

We also develop Android mobile applications. You can get them from Google Play.
    Hope you enjoy our products and feel the ease of computing, and don't forget to share the fun among your friends and be kind to share your feelings and the experience with us by submitting a contact form, don't forget to add your suggestions too. We value your feedback.

    What is RoshSoft?

    • RoshSoft is a sole proprietorship business which provides you software solutions for your computer in order to make computing easy.

    Where can I download original soft copies?

    Do Ads include in software?

    • Some applications may be Ad-supported specially mobile applications.

    What are the Programming Languages used?

    • C#
    • Java

    How can I be sure programs are Virus free?

    • All the software solutions are added to this blog after scanning for viruses using Avast Antivirus. Moreover you can scan the Setup files before installing using any kind of Antivirus program.

    How can I feedback to the software developer?

    • Do you come across any difficulties? Any software malfunctions? Any comments or suggestions? Please visit the Contact page.

    Make a Donation and Encourage us!

    • If you feel satisfied with our Products and Services you can make a donation and encourage us via PayPal.