Crack Microsoft Excel Passwords

The human brain stores a lot of data within a day, thus the capacity in our brains get lower and lower. In that case the word "forget" comes to us very often. Forgetting is very annoying, specially when it comes to passwords.

That's why we are going to tell you how to crack the passwords in Excel spread sheets and Workbooks. In order to do that your excel sheet must not be encrypted.

Instructions to crack Excel password

This instructions are provided as a free service, by following these instructions you agree to our Terms and Conditions. This will not work for the Excel documents that have been encrypted.

Step 1 : Make a backup of your file.

You will have to make changes into the internal structure of your Excel document. So make sure that you have a backup before proceeding any further.

Step 2 : Make sure your file format is compatible.

This will work only for the Excel files that are created using Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013. Make sure your Excel document file format is in "*.xlsx" or "*.xlsm".

Step 3 : Get into the internal structure of your document.

To do this you'll need a third party software. We recommend WinRAR because it's free. You may already have WinRAR installed in your computer, if not download it from here for free.

1. Open WinRAR
2. Locate your Excel document and open it.

Step 4 : Remove Password Protection

After opening the internal structure you can see some folders and files. Open the "xl" folder.

Internal structure of Excel Document
Next open "workbook.xml" using Notepad or any other text editor. We recommend Notepad. If Notepad is not your default text editor, Open Notepad and drag and drop the xml file.

Open workbook.xml
In Notepad press Ctrl + F to open find, now type lockStructure= and press Enter.

Change lockstructure="1" to lockstructure="0" and save. WinRaR will ask for your confirmation to modify "workbook.xml" click YES.

Click Yes
Now we have to remove the passwords from the spread sheets too. To do that open the *.xml flie of your work sheet in the "worksheets" folder using Notepad.

Open the *.xml flie of your sheet

Now find <sheetProtection in that *.xml file.

Find <sheetProtection
and erase whole line from "<" symbol up to "/>" symbol and save.

Example: <sheetProtection algorithmName="SHA-512" hashValue="p10u4BneUg3eT/wBlxTIvojOqTuf18kg==" saltValue="pOCHLgXP+8NSbHK89LmgGQ==" spinCount="100000" sheet="1" objects="1" scenarios="1"/>

Do this to all your spread sheets. Save all *.xml files, close WinRAR and open your file using Microsoft Excel.

If you have followed the steps correctly you should now be able to make changes in your workbook as you please.

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Anonymous said...

it worked once with me then it keeps giving me "file corrupted"

Anonymous said...

I can't agree with this opinion - it's works like author said. I used 7-zip, open archive and next "edit" and password has been removed.

ayman.degway said...

What If I Need to get the password

Unknown said...

It works

Anonymous said...

thank's it's work for me..

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